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Engagement Stories

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Hermann Hesse


Maurice & SahKira

The Engagement

How We Met

July 20, 2017 Charleston International Airport


Both heading to NYC for different family functions, Kira sat across from Maurice & his parents in the waiting area as they all waited to board their flight. Kira caught one look at Maurice, noticed the beard and in true Kira fashion snuck a video and posted it to Instagram with the caption "Big, Bearded & Chocolate".


After boarding the flight Kira decided to "shoot her shot" by approaching Maurice and giving him her number. Being that Maurice & his parents were several rows ahead, Kira silently prayed that she would be able to catch up to them.


As fate would have it, Maurice was standing in the middle of a sea of people waiting on his parents.

Kira approached him, numbers were exchanged and 5 years later here we are.

Wedding Date

Engaged Couple1.jpeg

Chris & Karen

The Engagement

Knowing that her birthday was right before Christmas, I decided it was the perfect time to put my plan into action. I invited her closest family and friends for a surprise dinner at Edgars Above Broad. As we walked in she was oblivious to anyone around as a live band was playing. I had absolutely no idea that my family and friends were even there.When I finally saw them I still had no clue what was going to happen next. With my cue, the band asked her to the middle of the floor: When she finally got there I walked up and small talked with her and reached into my pocket and slowly got down on one knee and that’s when she lost it…Mission Accomplished.. I thought, “Is he really about to ask me to marry him in front of all these people?” My heart melted and tears began to flow. Cheers erupted from the crowd of family, friends and restaurant patrons.

The night was a total success and by the way…She said Yes!!

Wedding Date

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