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Life's Love Letter

Dear You,

I hope this letter finds you well. It is always my hope that I’m treating you well. I know sometimes it feels like I’m not. I know sometimes you feel like I’m against you. I know sometimes you feel like you want to give up on me. I know sometimes you think I just plain suck. You tell me often I’m not fair to you and I'm so sorry you feel that way. I want you to know something. I want you to know I am here for you and only want what is best for you. I want to see you succeed. I want you to know that everything that happens between us is for your good. You have to know that everything that happens is to get you to your desired destination. The life you’ve always dreamed of is here for you to experience. But you have to trust me. You have to stop running from me and turning your back on me. I’m here to help you find that place of love, joy, and happiness you want and so rightly deserve. I’m here to teach you lessons so that you can create balance and boundaries. I’m here to show you things that will open your imagination and expand your creativity.

You never have to feel like I’m out to get you because even when it seems tough, I’ll always make a way for you. Haven’t things worked out so far? The fact that you’re reading this letter shows you have a 100% survival rate. You are stronger than you think. Let me help you grow and become the person you were meant to be.
Let’s be honest, it hasn’t been all bad between us. Remember those good times and great moments with friends and family. Remember all the fun adventures and wonderful birthdays. Remember when you had all those accomplishments and the many blessings that followed. Remember when you thought all was lost and things couldn’t get better, but out of nowhere things turned around and now you don’t even remember the fall and you’re still standing. Remember that time when you thought this was the moment that would finally take you down? Now you’re thriving beyond your wildest imagination because what didn’t kill you made you stronger, braver, confident, and successful.

I’m telling you all this because we don’t have to fight. It’s been a misunderstanding and I know we can make things right between us. We are connected and as you pour into me, I promise I will pour into you. The energy you give me is the same energy I will return to you. So let’s start over and take this thing in a positive direction. We’ve had our moments, but I’m always here as long as you want me.
Take control of me and know that I am yours. Know that you get to decide how I move for you. Know that I serve you as you see fit. Love me, because I love you.
I am your life and this is my love letter to you.


Life’s Love Letter (Kristy Simpkins)


Article Credit: 2023 Vol 2 Quarter 1 Issue

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