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Ashley & Keyon

Keyon and I met in third grade at W.S. Hornsby Elementary School. We were neighbors and everyday after school we would walk home together. We played together and even went trick or treating throughout the neighborhood. Keyon later transferred schools and we lost contact. Eventually, social media was invented, and we connected on Instagram many years later. I would often watch his IG page and keep up with what he was up to. Making small comments or liking a post. Little did I know, he was doing the same. On my birthday in August 2021, he sent me a direct message saying, “Happy Birthday and next time I see you, I'll take you out for your birthday.” I thought he was just talking. I simply replied, “Ok, Thanks!” But that did not stop him from pursuing me. He would send me a message every morning. He sent me his number, but I did not take it. I did not know if he was serious at the time.


Keyon is a truck driver and he ended up passing through my area. I told him next time he was in this area to let me know and I would take him out. He literally did not believe me and passed through my area twice! I messaged him and joked around that he stood me up! We continued messaging and finally I gave him my phone number. In the beginning, I would tell him every “bad” thing about me or what someone else said. He literally said, “Ok,” and continued to get to know me. He told me I was going to love him! He was right! The first time I saw him he was passing through. I told him I would pick him and take him to get dinner. As soon as he stepped off that truck, I instantly knew I was in love. The feeling was mutual. I even told him we were going to get married one day. He said OK.

Keyon and I continued to talk for hours and hours. We made plans to meet up in our hometown and later made it official. While  we were there we met each other’s children , families and spent the holidays together. Keyon and I had many discussions about marriage and our future together. He felt that there was no point in dating if marriage was not the goal. What’s ironic is we were planning out how we would get married before he got on one knee and asked me….even looked at rings. He let me pick my own ring and he purchased it. When he arrived home, I told him he hadn’t traditionally asked so go ahead and get on one knee (hahaha). We did it our way!

Keyon & Ashley

Wedding Date: March 24, 2022

Augusta ,Georgia


Makeup: JeQuane Tyler



Hilton Garden Inn-Augusta

Ceremony/Reception Music

DJ Slim Jimmy

Hotel Accommodations

Hilton Garden Inn Augusta

Officiant/Wedding Planner

Tamesha Kinloch-Carter

Wedding Cake:

Publix Bakery

Wedding Design & Florals

FMTY Weddings & Events


Wedding Photography

Through My Eyes Photography

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