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Do You Have Peace or A Piece Financially?

Updated: Apr 12

When we were children, how many of us thought about the value of a dollar or the economy? Most of us knew we had everything we needed, and we asked our parents or grandparents for everything we wanted. However, our parents and grandparents knew the value of a dollar and how the economy worked or did not work for them. Let me try to heal some of our pain from the past. Our parents and grandparents wanted us to have everything that we wanted, but they were experiencing a piece of finance instead of financial peace.

The first step to financial peace is education. There are many financial professionals, certified in various aspects of how to create a financial plan and or offer financial products. How many financial professionals teach how the financial systems work and how to have them work in our favor? How many financial professionals are interested in what we want our future outcome to be for our families and generations to come? Then, how many financial professionals can offer us options from top-tier companies that provide financial products tailored to our needs? For decades, even hundreds of years there have been financial systems and products in the market that we did know about or thought we did not have access to. Lack of education and access is not the case today. Many plans reserved only for the affluent are available to everyone. Financial education is available for us to have comprehensive financial protection, safety, and growth is attainable.

I remember when I was a young boy going on field trips with my school, receiving birthday cards from family, running into my parents and grandparents and they would say, “Here is a piece of money. Always have something in your pocket.” As I became an adult with responsibilities it became more difficult to keep “a piece of money” in my pocket. How many of us have gone on vacation and worried about how we were going to pay for it the entire time we were on vacation? Well, my friend, we had a trip, we didn’t have a vacation. My family is so grateful that we were introduced to financial professionals that offered us financial peace. I was so thankful that I became a Financial Professional with the team that not only educated us on how to achieve financial peace, but how financial peace protects our health and well-being. In the Spring of Things, you can have “Serenity Now.” It all begins with a conversation. Wherever you are financially or geographically, my team and I welcome an opportunity to meet you.



Article Credit: 2023 Vol 2 Quarter 2 Issue

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