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The Wonderful World of Bouquets

Updated: Apr 13

The formality and shape of a bouquet go hand in hand.

Wedding Bouquets are a beautiful accent to your wedding gown. The formality and style of your wedding day determine the wedding attire and the flowers that complement it. It's helpful to know what is traditional for bridal flowers as you are planning.

What is the definition of Bouquets?
Bouquets are simply a cluster of flowers, tied together or anchored in a bouquet holder.
The shape of the bouquet generally determines the best flowers to use.
Although, they're several types of bouquets, here are four basic bouquet shapes:

Nosegays- Circular, densely arranged array of flowers

Arm Bouquets- Crescent-shaped arrangements, curved slightly to fit the arm.

Cascades- a bouquet that cascades is one that gracefully trails blossoms and/or greens from its base. It can be any shape, from nosegay to tear-shaped, and looks best with a long gown.

Hand Tied- The stems of hand-tied bouquets are commonly tied with ribbon.

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