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Travel Independence- 20 Best Places to travel alone in the US

Traveling alone is all about freedom and independence.
Freedom to go where you want, when you want, and independence in your ability to visit new places and meet new people without the crutch of a travel companion. It's not for everyone I must admit, but those willing to venture off on their own are rewarded with a compromise-free vacation and amazing experiences.
The best times seem to happen when you're traveling solo.

So where to go? If you're testing the waters of solo travel, you might want to stay close to home, which is where these U.S. destinations come in handy. Whether you dream of a spa vacation with plenty of time to relax and reset, a trip packed with activities, or a soul-searching expedition, these U.S. destinations cater to the solo traveler, thanks to the ease of transportation and a large selection of things to do.

Ready to book your next solo trip?
Read on for the best places to travel alone in the U.S.

1. Charleston, SC (voted number one place visit for 10 years running)
2. Naples, Florida
3. Colorado Springs
4. Asheville, NC
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Sedona, Arizona (best spas in the US)
7. Nashville. Tenn
8. Boston, Mass
9. San Francisco
10 Big Sur, Cali
11. Savannah, Ga
12. Seattle Washington
13 Minneapolis, Minn
14. Salt Lake City, Utah (visit the Salt Flats)
15 Tampa, Fl
16. Greenville, SC (fav place in SC)
17. Austin, Texas
18. San Antonio, Texas
19. Phoenix, Arizona
20. Charlotte, NC

Although spending time with your significant other has its benefits, traveling alone can be a great way to take care of yourself and prioritize your own needs. It allows you to focus on your interests and goals and can lead to self-discovery and personal growth. Additionally, solo travel can be a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and gain confidence in your abilities.


Article Credit: 2023 Vol 2 Quarter 2 Issue

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