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First Thing's First

First Thing's First-

How to prepare for planning your special day.

It finally happened! The day has come and out of nowhere, YOU"RE ENGAGED!!! YAAAAY!
Well, kind of..... You are still in awe. Your heartbeat is a bit off rhythm because it seems overwhelming. You've never been asked for your hand in marriage before. A dress, a guest list, colors, songs, cake, invitations, oh yeah.......a wedding party! It's a lot. Who do you ask to help?


Take a look at your ring again. Breathe again! You are about to be a married man or woman and first things first, enjoy being engaged. The relationship is truly going to another level. The level of commitment and dedication is going to grow tremendously. This will be the person you choose for life. That can be a major decision. You proposed, or said Yes, so now we are here!
Take your time with it. Don't rush. Bask in the moment spend time with one another. Talk about your vision together. Does it match? Does she want a beach wedding and he wants a backyard BBQ with the closest friends and family? Does he want a turnt-up reception and she wants an elegant and sophisticated quaint gathering that consists of her colleagues and boss that will critique all things about the set up?

This is your first major decision as a Fiancé with your Fiancé! Enjoy receiving their vision and compromise about what you want. It is okay to even say, "I don't need much, but I want to be in charge of the food selection." If food is important to you, Give a little, take a little.
That is what marriage is all about anyway, RIGHT?
Once you have a vision, decide on a budget. In general, most people have no clue about what a budget would begin to look like for a wedding. The best advice when it comes to determining a budget is how much you don't want to spend? If you say I don't want to spend more than $20k, That is the budget!
That doesn't mean you have to spend $20k. That just means you're not trying to spend more than that, based on a realistic vision. Which brings me to the first key decision in who will assist you through the process.


All planners are not made a-like. You have some planners that cater to higher end clients and some planners who do the job as a hobby, so to speak. You have to decide what works best for you. The suggestion would be to definitely understand the planner's background. Are they certified? How many weddings have they planned fully, partially, or just coordinate? How long have they been in the industry? Do they have a team in case something happens to them, because the show must go on.
Once you hire your planner, LET THE PLANNING BEGIN!
Once your venue is set and secured, that means you have a date and on to the next step! Don't be overwhelmed, sometimes this is the most challenging part. Don't make a quick decision, however, don't be indecisive because venue availability and dates book quickly.Now you have a date that you want to share with the world!

Let's talk about choosing a Wedding Party

This sometimes can be a touchy subject because as a bride/groom/couple you are emotionally invested in the people you ask. Instead, I submit for your consideration that you take a moment and do people inventory. Choose the people that wouldn't be mad if they were not chosen. Read that again! Sometimes people are chosen simply based on relationship title. "Oh, my Matron of Honor is my sister!" or "My best man is my cousin because my mom raised him." Then once in the role, you realize they are not the ideal person because they are a procrastinator, or they work 70 hours a week. Definitely consider what may be contributing factors in their life that could be a hindrance to you, before asking to ensure they are fully committed.

Nonetheless, you are currently at a quarter of the planning by having a planner, a venue, and a wedding party. At this point you should be ready to take on the world and stress free! Pace yourself and ask your planner for a month-to-month timeline. Provide yourself grace through the process. Do not compare your process to others in those social media groups. This is YOUR wedding!!

These suggestions are just that. This is your starting point because the whole process can be overwhelming if you allow it to be. Don't be afraid to seek assistance from a planner, a friend that has been married before, or even GOOGLE! They say Google is your best friend. Use your resources. If you are unsure about hiring a planner, interview one. Compensate them for their expertise and time if you don't plan to move forward with their services to just have access to professional information.

First Things First! Don't forget to enjoy being engaged, take your time, and BREATHE!

"Remember, Amazing weddings don't just happen, they are PLANNED!!" - Candice Mack
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