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Reset and Renewal

Spring can be reserved for a time of renewal if you let it. Recycle those New Year’s resolutions and put a different plan into action. Summer’s coming, which can be a time to reset those goals and turn them into action. In fact, do it as a couple. Together, take time to create a mini plan to work toward a healthier you in time for summer. Birds are chirping, the air is warmer, take advantage of the outdoors by walking together, bike riding, or doing yard work. These things have benefits including; the opportunity to get sunlight, which we all need desperately.

Use this as an opportunity to motivate each other as a couple. You are a team so work together to discuss your game plan, decide what works best for you and your schedules, then fully execute. Include not only physical activity but consider what your diet should consist of. What you put into your body means just as much, if not more, than the physical component. Also, plan and prep your daily meals, this will prevent stopping by fast food restaurants after work because you forgot to take something out of the freezer.
Motivating each other and using your mate as an accountability partner has many benefits. Creating friendly competition with things like water intake is just one way to keep things interesting and engaging. It’s an effective way to help each of you work toward the goals that you put into place.

In the end, you will see and feel a better you.


Article Credit: 2023 Vol 1 Quarter 2 Issue

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