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Updated: Jan 16, 2023

As the Spring season approaches, the feeling of “out with old, in with the new” may be simmering at the surface of your mind. Winter is over and you’re ready to reinvent yourself and your home to reflect the new you springing forward this year.
Before you start clearing the clutter at home, take a moment to consider looking at current mindsets that are holding you back and preventing you from clearing the space needed for better experiences to enter your life. In this series Mindful Behaviors, we will explore different mindsets and habits that may be keeping you in a perpetual life experience that you’re no longer made for and ready to get out of.

Get your focus back…

With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to get distracted by things that don’t really matter. We’re currently living in an age where information is available to us more than ever before. There’s more content on television to watch with less time to consume it. We can spend a whole day scrolling through the endless posts on social media. Our attention is pulled in so many directions. Did I forget to mention, work, home, and personal life?
Keeping up with it all has become a full-time job and you’re just trying to manage your way through it. Aren’t you exhausted? It’s time to declutter old mind habits. The great news is that you are in control. Consider taking a real look at where your attention is going. Ask yourself, is this activity serving me in any real way? How is this contributing to the life I want to create? This isn’t an indictment on social media or your favorite streaming platform. Trust, I love a good Netflix binge, but often we can get lost in the reality of nothingness. Celebrity life, the latest influencer drama on the Gram, the Facebook family faceoff, and the Twitter “I’m crazier than you are” shenanigans. Seriously, Twitter is cray… Stay away

Remember, not everything requires your attention or your opinion. Decide what you want to give your attention and energy to. This includes person to person relationships.
Remember there are things you really want to get done. Start with decluttering habits that have become built -in mindsets aka “your way of life”. Just because you’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean it’s a fixed part of your life. You get to decide.
Here’s some starters that can kick off bringing in new mind habits.

1. Start with your phone.
How often are you checking your phone? Decide what apps can stay and what apps should go.
2. Change the channel. Scale down on the latest who slept with who, who fought who, who said what to who drama. These programs believe it or not heighten brain activity and can leave you feeling exhausted. This includes watching the news.
3. Let go of someone else’s mindset. Just because your Mama and Grandma did it that way doesn’t mean you have too. Trying to live up to someone else’s ideal of how life should be lived can add undue pressure and stress. Let it go. Do what works for you.
4. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy yourself! It’s okay to do nothing once in a while. There’s no award for being perpetually busy. It’s unhealthy. Your body as well as your mind needs rest. Go sit down.
5. Give yourself grace. It’s easy to condemn ourselves for not being perfect or getting it right. We’re often our worst critic. No one is judging you, but you. This type of mindset will only promote fear and anxiety and prevent you from enjoying even the simplest things in life.

So, spring forth with a renewed sense of thinking, knowing that a positive outlook will yield a positive outcome and it all starts with you!


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